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Game-changing solar device produces more energy while providing a better return on investment

Naked Energy”s patented Virtu™ technology provides not only more electrical energy than a conventional photovoltaic panel but produces a lot of thermal energy, which provide a better return on investment.

“Virtu is a game-changing solar device. It can create more energy per square metre at a lower cost than existing PV panels,” said Christophe Williams, Naked Energy”s founder and managing director.

The “Virtu” solar panel uses sunlight so efficiently it produces as much thermal output as standard PV panels while also producing more electricity than stand-alone photovoltaic panels.

“So not only does it provide a much quicker return on investment, but offers a potential for significantly reducing carbon emissions – even for a small domestic installation the reduction is as much as one tonne each year.” Williams said.

Naked Energy”s panels generate both heat and electricity through a unique vacuum tube configuration, producing more useful energy per square metre than standard solar panels.

That provides a more rapid payback on investment as well as creating a potentially significant decrease in carbon emissions. Home and business owners can decide whether to generate more heat or electricity, depending upon their individual needs.

This dual energy output also allows people to file for the UK government”s “energy cashback” schemes, Feed-in Tariffs and Renewable Heat Incentives (based upon on Feed-in Tariffs of 21 pence per kilowatt-hour and current performance outputs).

They deliver an average 13 percent return on investment, which is tax-free, protected from inflation and guaranteed for 25 years.

The patented high efficiency vacuum tube technology is far more effective than traditional solar panels. The two combined outputs produce far more energy per square metre.

The Virtu™ solar panel can be installed anywhere, including curved, pitched, flat or angled roofs and walls. Each tube can be positioned for premium solar collection. This precludes the need for expensive A-frame construction.

The patented heat transfer system also shields and improves photovoltaic cells” life and long-term performance.

Efficiently drawing heat away from the solar panel and using it for space heating means de-salination, hot water and cooling of the photovoltaic cells

The panels” ability to efficiently draw away heat from the solar panel for space heating, means hot water, de-salination and cooling the photovoltaic cells are maintained at an optimum operating temperature. It results in much higher electrical output than typical photovoltaic panels.

This optimises both energy outputs, eliminating the need for separate photovoltaic and thermal solar panels. That greatly reduces cost and installation time while increasing useable space.

Naked Energy Ltd. was founded in September 2009 as a design and innovation business focused on renewable energy and energy conservation.

The business” history centres on Christophe Williams, Norman Cottington and Richard Boyle, who shared a common goal of developing and bring to market ground-breaking solar technology.

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