• Rapidox 1100 Oxygen Gas Analyzer

Rapidox 1100 Oxygen Gas Analyzer

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The Rapidox 1100 range is one of the company’s most popular, cost-effective and versatile oxygen gas analysers.

A single gas analyser designed for analysing low ppm levels or 100% oxygen with either zirconia or electrochemical sensors. Users have a choice of two electrochemical oxygen sensors, one for low ppm measurements of 1ppm to 1% and another for 1–100% oxygen range.

Electrochemical sensors are ideal for applications where VOC’s or flammable gases are present in the gas sample. Analysers fitted with the zirconia oxygen sensor provide fast and accurate gas analysis over the range 1ppm to 100% O2. Continuous on-line oxygen gas analysis is available, with a typical response time of approximately 5 seconds.

An internal pressure sensor compensates for small changes in gas pressure to ensure that the readings remain stable. A powerful long-life pump draws in a gas sample at a flow rate set by the user between 0-1 litres per minute. Alternatively, the pump can be independently switched off and the unit operated under flowing gas conditions.

Other variations of the model include a three-channel multiplex version, which allows for three gas streams to be sampled from separate points.

Gases can be analysed in sequence or at intervals set from the controls (front keypad or software). The Rapidox 1100 oxygen gas analyser can also be used to control an external proportional flow control valve (PFC). This is particularly useful within inert gas blanketing applications, where the analyser can regulate the level of gas based on the measurement of oxygen via the PFC control function.

Standard funktioner på alle modeller inkluderer to fuldt programmerbare alarm kredsløb (potentialfri kontakter), programmerbare analoge udgange (0-10V og 4-20mA), let kalibrering (vælges af brugeren gasser), RS232 / RS485 kommunikation og fuldstændige data-logging software.

Available with gas fittings located on the front or rear of the analyser, as a bench mount or with a bezel front panel to incorporate the instrument within an industry standard test equipment rack. The multiplex version is available with rear gas fittings only.

Cambridge Sensotec tilbyder en række Rapidox service muligheder. Regelmæssig gasanalysatorkalibrering øger målingen, pålideligheden og repeterbarheden af ​​udstyret betydeligt. En fuld service er tilgængelig via state-of-the-art automatiserede stationer, der er designet til at kalibrere Rapidox-gasanalysatorer præcist og effektivt.

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