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Malvern Instruments’ Houston office hosts API working groups for drilling mud analysis

API working groups are currently assessing particle characterization techniques for oil drilling muds

Holdet på Malvern Instruments 'Houston (Texas, USA) kontor var glad for at være vært for de seneste møder i 15th May 2013 fra to amerikanske petroleuminstitutter (API), der fokuserede på at løse det kritiske spørgsmål om, hvordan man bedst kan analysere boreslam og mineralet komponenter, som de består af. Specialister fra Malvern - Dr Steve Ward Smith, Key Account Manager og Jon Layton, Gulf States Account Manager - sidde på begge grupper, der arbejder for at forbedre og standardisere metoderne til at karakterisere både vandige og oliebaserede borevæsker.

Drilling muds or fluids play a critical role in the oil industry. They maintain a safe and effective operation by: removing cuttings from the well; stabilizing and protecting the developing formation; and lubricating, cooling and supporting the drill bit. Closely matching a drilling mud to the geology of a well, and the requirements of the project, is crucial and relies on effective characterization of the product.

API WG4 (Working Group) is looking at the characterization techniques that can be applied to both oil- and water-based muds. This is a long term project, currently at a relatively early stage, that will examine how techniques such as automated imaging and laser diffraction can be usefully applied. It is likely to produce multiple standards over the next few years.

API WG3 has the more closely-defined objective of developing a new standard for the use of laser diffraction to analyze oil-based muds and is currently conducting round-robin tests to identify the impact of different methodologies on the results obtained. This work is expected to lead to a new API standard for the application of laser diffraction in drilling mud analysis some time next year.

To find out more about the work of either group visit: www.api.org or to learn about Malvern analyzers for drilling muds at www.malvern.com/labeng/industry/drilling-fluids.htm

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