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Thirty plus thirty for Börger’s MIP Pumps at Flint Group

Flint Group, a leading worldwide supplier to the printing and packaging industries, has purchased a further 30 MIP (Maintenance in Place) Börger Pumps at its Wolverhampton site.

This latest order follows the successful introduction of an initial 30 Börger pumps for Flint Group, who have an unrivalled international product portfolio that encompasses inks, pressroom chemistry, flexographic plates, consumables and colourants.

Andrew Hulland, Operations Manager for Flint Group at Wolverhampton, commented: “Börger’s pumps are proving very effective in a tough application, also enhancing our energy efficiency on site – and proving much easier to work with than previous makes. The MIP means that we only have to spend around 15 minutes servicing each unit, whereas previously it could take two to three hours per pump”.

Requiring very little special tooling for maintenance, Börger’s MIP pumps have also provided Flint Group at Wolverhampton with a significant increase in output – with no compromise on quality.

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