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Sterling-SIHI demonstrerer energibesparelsespotentiale hos Tate & Lyle-sukkerarter

Sterling-SIHI energisyn

Sterling-SIHI performed an energy audit at Tate & Lyle Sugars, London, which demonstrated the potential to save 90% of energy costs associated with the assessed pumping system. Initially the auditing team visited the Silvertown refinery to assess the current system, gain an understanding of the layout, gather historical data, and most importantly – identify the system and process requirements. During the subsequent audit and thorough process research, Sterling-SIHI were in a position to take measurements and carry out run tests, enabling the auditors to determine a number of “what if” scenarios and establish an accurate process demand. Tate & Lyle Sugars received a detailed report and presentation, illustrating the energy-saving potential that could be achieved.

Impressively, Sterling-SIHI’s recommendations on one pump alone, would lead to an installation previously using 590MWh of electricity per year, to operate using only 40MWh. This would cut Tate & Lyle Sugars energy costs by £27,400 (the equivalent of 300 tons* of CO2 per year). Imagine the possibilities, should such advice be extended to the several hundred pumps currently operating at the plant.
* Baseret på 0.544kg af CO2 udsendes / kWh som standard værdier, ikke nødvendigvis faktiske websteder værdier.

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