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Compact C Range progressing cavity (PC)

A high performance Compact C Range progressing cavity (PC) pump from NOV® Mono® has been installed at the historic British landmark, Tower Bridge, to handle rainwater and the ingress of ground water from the River Thames.

Tower Bridge, which uses a progressing cavity pump in each of its bridge legs for dewatering purposes, requested a like for like replacement from Mono after the previous Mono PC pump which was installed had run smoothly for over ten years. Tower Bride has been successfully using Mono pumps for over thirty years.

David Duffy, Technical Officer at Tower Bridge (City of London Corporation), commented: “The Mono pumps transfer ground water to the surface 100 feet above before it is transferred to the main drainage system. Without the Mono pumps, the two towers would fill up with water and flood up to the level of the river.

“We specified Mono because as well as being the original equipment supplier, we know the Mono brand to be reliable and trust the pump to do the job well. The Mono Compact C Range pump is extremely dependable, reducing maintenance and making our process much more efficient, which is extremely important due to the Tower Bridge being such an historical landmark building. We are very happy with the service that Mono provided and the pump is continuing to run efficiently.”

Monos Compact C-fremskredende hulrums pumpeområde er designet til at passe ind i kompakte rum, samtidig med at det pålideligt udføres til det maksimale arbejdsbehov i applikationen. Pumpen bruger positiv forskydning til processtyring, variabel hastighed til nøjagtig dosering og har en sugeløfteevne på over otte meter.

This high pressure pump also eliminates the need for a series of pumps when pumping over long distances and the gentle pumping action minimises shear or crush damage for delicate applications. Low running speeds and an option of a square inlet and conveyor to assist viscous slurries into the pumping element make it ideal for abrasive applications.

For mere information besøg: www.mono-pumps.com.

Mono Pumps Ltd

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