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Flowcrete UK - tilbyder en stærk platform underfoot til sæsonmæssige renoveringsprojekter

Flowcrete s gulv

Juleferieafslutningsperioden giver et vindue med mulighed for at introducere en ny gulvfinish, der skaber en inspireret finish til forarbejdnings- og produktionscentre for at markere starten på nytår - og medvirke til sundhed og sikkerhed under fødderne.

Over the years, floor finishes can become tired, worn and damaged, but solutions from flooring manufacturer Flowcrete UK make the introduction of a new floor at this time fuss free – and maintain the look and integrity of the floor for the long term.

To support specifiers at this time, Flowcrete UK has produced an online guide to show how they can get more from floors over the Christmas shutdown.

til rådighed for se her the guide includes an overview of the different grades of resin flooring, to help decision makers choose the right type of finish for maximum durability.

Compelling statistics on the number of injuries sustained through slips and trips are also included – numbers which can be reduced with a safer floor finish.

The many factors Flowcrete floors can withstand, such as oils, sugars, chemicals and extreme heat are also featured, as well as an insight into the speed at which floor finishes can also be installed. This includes details of Flowcrete’s innovative two hour flooring concept Flowfast, which puts refurbishment and renovation works on the fast track.

Ved hjælp af det nyeste inden for MMA harpiksteknologi tilbyder Flowfast en finish, der ser godt ud og opfylder alle krav til gulve til produktionsområder.

The system is ready for use just two hours after installation, with the speed of application offering a wide range of benefits for clients.

The floor also offers good slip-resistance, can withstand thermal shock and impact, and is hardwearing. Furthermore, its seamless finish delivers an easy-clean finish that makes it easy to maintain.

These qualities make Flowfast the ideal choice where an attractive floor needs to be installed quickly.

Vejledningen giver også overblik over, hvordan gulvbelægning kan understøtte leveringen af ​​strenge hygiejnestandarder på tværs af sektorer, herunder mad og drikkevarebehandling med Flowcrete Flowfresh, en sømløs polyurethanharpiks gulvfinish, der indeholder den slibebaserede Polygiene®-forbindelse.

A special additive in Polygiene® is locked into the Flowfresh resin matrix and emits silver ions which kill bacteria. Polygiene® is capable of controlling salmonella, E-coli and many other types of bacteria and yeast on contact – a major step forward in fighting the spread of potentially harmful bugs.

Alan Dean, Flowcrete UK managing director, said: “Usually a floor is the part of a building subjected to the most stress and strain – taking far more weight and movement than other parts of the structure.

“Therefore, it is important a building has a robust platform underfoot to cope with the day-to-day demands placed on it.

“That means a floor finish that can withstand factors such as wheeled traffic from fork lift trucks, trolleys and other machinery in use, resistance to any chemicals that might come into contact with the surface and any impacts that might be encountered too.

“Extremes of temperature also need to be considered.

“A correctly specified floor will provide a safer, brighter, hard-wearing environment, and aid safety on site, helping to reduce the chances of slips and trips and supporting a well-structured workflow program with the opportunity to introduce lineage and marked out walkways within the floor design.

“Crucially, once applied, a properly specified floor will also last for the long term, meaning that the refurbishment of surfaces does not need to become an annual event, ensuring environmental and economic benefits.

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CW11 3QF

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